Bosch and Weichai Power increase efficiency of Weichai truck diesel engines to 50 percent

Bosch and Weichai, China’s largest manufacturer of engines for commercial vehicles have made a huge leap forward in engine technology. The two partners have successfully increased the efficiency of Weichai diesel engine for heavy commercial vehicles up to 50 percent, thus setting a new global benchmark. Currently, thermal efficiency for truck engines averages around 46 percent. In increasing the efficiency by four percentage points, Bosch and Weichai have jointly reached a new milestone. Even though the diesel engine is nearly 130 years old, its development continues.

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In addition to its common-rail system with injection pressure of 2,500 bar, Bosch also contributed its full technical know-how in fuel injection systems. Particularly when it comes to commercial vehicles, and above all when heavy loads have to be transported over long distances, the diesel engine will remain the preferred choice for the foreseeable future. For this reason, Bosch and Weichai aim to steadily refine this technology with an eye to protecting the climate and environment.

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