Bosch Announces New AeroClip Adapter for Efficient Windshield Wiping at High Speeds

The Bosch Aerotwin with new AeroClip adapter – an aerodynamically optimized connection between wiper blade and wiper arm – increases the contact pressure against the windshield, preventing the wiper from being lifted by the airstream. The result is improved wiping results, even at higher speeds. The Aerotwin with AeroClip adapter features the Power Protection Plus (PPP) wiper rubber with its patented coating and long-life formula. The blade element of the Aerotwin with AeroClip adapter is made of long-life rubber.

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A special additive makes it resistant to environmental influences such as ultraviolet radiation and ozone, and makes it less prone to wear when wiping debris from the windshield. Compared with conventional rubber blades, there is less abrasion.  Since a special additive makes the rubber of the wiper blade more resistant to wear and environmental influences, it lasts longer. A number of vehicle manufacturers already use the Bosch Aerotwin with its AeroClip adapter as original equipment.

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