Brainwave-reading cat ear headband Necomimi to be released on April 28 in Japan

Japanese company neurowear, the world’s foremost leader in brain-controlled fashion accessories, will release the consumer version of its brainwave-reading cat ear headband Necomimi later this month in Japan. Necomimi cat ears perk up when the wearer is concentrating and lie flat when the wearer relaxes. The cat ear shaped machine utilizes brainwaves and expresses your emotional state before you start talking. The first batch of Necomimi will be available for purchase in Japan at the neurowear booth during Nico Nico Choukaigi (Nico Nico Super Conference), a convention that will be held Makuhari Messi in Chiba from April 28-29.

The improved and refined headband comes with the Necomimi kit and 4 AAA batteries with 4 hours of battery life (Continuous use). The kit includes a supportive strap to prevent necomimi from slipping.The company is offering additional ears on the NicoNico summit so the customer can customize his necomimi as he likes.

Necomini will be sold at a special discount price of 7,900 yen ($98) during the event, and then at a retail price of 8,980 yen ($111) after. Neurowear has yet to announce a specific date for an international release of the same.

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