Broadcom BCM4323 World’s first single-chip 802.11n solution for USB adapters

The BCM4323 is the world’s first single-chip 802.11n solution for universal serial bus (USB) adapters. The newest member of Broadcom’s Intensi-fi wireless LAN (WLAN) family enables very small and cost-effective USB adapters that consumers can use to connect PCs, TVs, set-top boxes, personal video recorders, and other devices to a Wi-Fi™ network. As a result of this unprecedented integration, the new Intensi-fi solution enables smaller, more cost-effective USB adapters that can be used to add high-performance wireless connectivity to devices without built-in Wi-Fi.

The BCM4323 offers best-in-class 802.11n performance to provide a superior multimedia experience for video, voice, and other bandwidth-intensive applications. The BCM4323 single-chip 802.11n solution for USB adapters is now shipping in production volumes. Pricing is available upon request.