Canon announces a high-precision wafer alignment measurement device MS-001 in Japan

Canon announced today the launch in Japan of a high-precision wafer alignment measurement device for semiconductor lithography systems, the MS-001.To manufacture semiconductor devices, wafer deformation must be measured accurately in order to overlay and expose with high precision multiple layers of circuit patterns within a series of lithography systems. The Canon MS-001 allows the majority of alignment measurements to be performed in one batch process—outside the lithography system, before it receives the wafer—thus improving the productivity of the lithography system by reducing the number of measurements performed inside them.

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Canon’s MS-001, equipped with an alignment scope that adopts an area sensor for multiple-pixel, low-noise imaging can measure even low-contrast alignment marks, making possible measurement of more types of alignment marks than can be measured by conventional lithography systems. In addition, a newly developed light source for the alignment scope enables MS-001 to use 1.5 times the wavelength range of measurements, giving users more freedom in selecting wavelength bands for measurement. Canon MS-001 can measure alignment marks with higher accuracy than conventional semiconductor lithography systems.

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