Canon launches FPA-5520iV LF Option for back-end process semiconductor lithography systems in Japan

Canon today announced the launch in Japan of the FPA-5520iV LF Option for back-end process semiconductor lithography systems, featuring an i-line stepper with a 1.5 µm (micrometer) resolution and a wide exposure field of 52 mm x 68 mm for advanced packaging. Inheriting the same basic functionality of its predecessor model, the FPA-5520iV (released in July 2016), the new FPA-5520iV LF Option for advanced packaging achieves a wide exposure field of circuit patterns to meet a variety of advanced packaging needs including heterogeneous integration.

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Thanks to a new projection optical system, the Option realizes a single exposure with a large field of 52 mm × 68 mm—more than four times the standard exposure field (26 mm x 33mm) of front-end process lithography systems. This makes possible support for heterogeneous integration, in which multiple large semiconductor chips are bonded. What’s more, by introducing this high resolution option, rewiring patterns can be exposed with a high resolution of 1.0 µm. The Canon FPA-5520iV LF Option inherits the basic performance of the FPA-5520iV.

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