Casio announces its most sophisticated and prestigious collection to date:Metal Twisted line of chronographs

Casio announced today the release of new watches in its most sophisticated and prestigious collection to date: the MT-G Metal Twisted line of chronographs for the active gentleman who appreciates G-SHOCK performance technology but also enjoys the prestige of a luxury accessory. The new MTG-S1000 models are a completely new G-SHOCK series crafted at Casio’s factory in Japan in select premium styles. Meticulously assembled from materials and components made entirely in-house, the elegance of a luxury timepiece is combined with the durability of a rugged performance chronograph.

The stainless steel casing of the MT-G-S1000 series houses G-SHOCK’s advanced “Core Guard Structure” assembly to ensure mechanical integrity, coupled with Tough Movement for ongoing precision. Multi-Band 6 atomic timekeeping further ensures accuracy through radio-controlled updates from global transmitters, and Triple G Resist delivers the ultimate in watch durability.
This elite collection is elevating the G-SHOCK brand into a more premium space for the consumer enjoying an affluent lifestyle. Impeccably designed to represent masculine values, the MTG-S1000 watches feature a dual-layer watchface with four subdials providing a host of pilot-concept functionalities easily activated via the Smart Access system. The MT-G line of chronographs is the absolute embodiment of the G-SHOCK brand’s toughness and high quality.

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