Casio announces new tough handheld terminals with built-in laser scanner

Casio announced today the release of a new handheld terminal series (DT-970) with built-in laser scanner, featuring an IP67 rating for dust and water-proof performance, and a special grip design for comfortable operation. The new DT-970 series features superior operability based on human-centered design for interactive systems (ISO 9241-210). The DT-970M51E has a straight scanning angle, while the DT-970M50E has a downward scanning angle, offering two convenient models to meet diverse user needs. Typical application templates have been prepared for the DT-970 series for different types of operations such as management of goods in and out and controlling inventory.

The drop resistance has been improved to 2 meters and is rated IP67 for dust and water-proof performance (no dust penetration, and no water penetration when immersed temporarily at certain depths). The device operates at subzero temperatures (down to -20°C) and can be used in the rain, in dusty locations, and in low-temperature warehouses. The DT-970 series delivers an exceptionally long period of continuous operation (approx. 200 hours with two AA-size alkaline batteries) and can also operate using rechargeable AA NiMH batteries approved by Casio.

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