Casio GWX-8900 watch receives Time Calibration Signals from any one of six stations worldwide

Casio announced today the release of the GWX-8900, a new model in the G-SHOCK line of G-LIDE watches designed for active sports such as surfing and body boarding. The new Casio GWX-8900 model is equipped with a high-brightness white LED for easy readability and Tough Solar power system. The GWX-8900 offers the perfect features for international travel and surfing. As the watch receives calibration signals from any one of six stations worldwide (two in Japan, and one each in China, North America, Germany, and the UK), it automatically sets itself to the correct local time within a reception area.

This eliminates the need to manually adjust the watch during travel, even in regions with daylight saving time. In regions outside reception areas, the watch operates with the accuracy of a quartz timepiece. With graphical displays of tide graphs for 100 locations around the world and moon phase data, the watch enables wearers to see essential surfing information at a glance. Two color options are available: all black, or black and white. Both have a gloss finish and a stylish design that complements any surf fashion.

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