Casio launches G-SHOCK Watches featuring color schemes inspired from Japanese pop culture

Casio today released five models in the GA-400 series of G-SHOCK watches designed especially for today’s youth who appreciate personal style. These watches feature a face with LCD indicators, and hour and minute hands finished in original color schemes inspired by the distinct designs from Japanese pop culture such as anime and street fashion.

G-Shock_pop_culture_JapaneseFor the new GA-400 series, Casio created a watch face that is powerful yet elaborate by combining a popular big, bold case with an assortment of parts in a multilayered design. Moreover, by finishing the markings and lettering on the watch face in highly original color schemes, Casio created eye-popping watches that radiate a bright look and rock-solid presence.
G-Shock_pop_culture_casioThree models —the GA 400-2A, 4A, and 9A— feature particularly eye-catching colors, with the inset dial, hour indicators, and hour and minute hands all finished in a variety of bold colors.Casio has equipped the new watches with a rotary switch that makes it easy to change mode settings like Countdown Timer and World Time just by rotating it. The Timer function in particular can be set simply by turning the rotary switch up or down, without having to switch the mode from the status currently displayed on the regular time display.This feature makes these watches useful for activities like sports training and dance events because users are saved the trouble of constantly pressing buttons to switch between modes. The new GA-400 series measures 55.0 × 51.9 × 18.3 mm (case) and weigh approx. 70 g with strap.

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