Casio announces Industrial Handheld Terminal with High Durability for the Logistics and Transportation Industry

casio_DT-X8_Hand.jpgCasio plans to release two new models in the DT-X8 series (DT-X8-10E and DT-X8-20E) of industrial handheld terminals, from the end of February 2011.The DT-X8 models are equipped with a resilient protective material called elastomer around the outer case, including the edges surrounding the LCD and the battery cover that are vulnerable to shock if dropped. With this shock-resistant design, the terminal is tough enough to withstand a drop up to 3.0 meters. The screen of the DT-X8 models has also been made more robust by putting a plastic touch panel over the LCD.The DT-X8 is compliant with IP67 dust/splash-proof standards and can be operated in subfreezing temperatures as low as -20ºC.

The Casio DT-X8 models are highly suitable for various applications in the logistics and transportation industry including work in high places in warehouses and work outdoors. The DT-X8 industrial handheld terminal is a highly durable product that users can operate with confidence in harsh conditions such as in dusty areas, rainy weather and low-temperature warehouses.