Casio announces two limited-edition pairs of his and hers watches

Casio announced today the release of the G Presents Lover’s Collection 2010, featuring two limited-edition pairs of his and hers watches. The Casio G Presents Lover’s Collection for couples features a G-Shock for him and a Baby-G for her in a single gift package. The 2010 collection consists of the white LOV-10A pair with an elegant round watchface design and the pink LOV-10B pair with a bold square face. The base color of the LOV-10A models is white, representing the purity of a couple’s love, while the bezels have been finished in a brilliant pink gold. The Baby-G features a heart-shaped LCD within the face and another heart mark in place of the number 11 on the index, highlighting the watch’s romantic message. The G-Shock features an arrow-shaped hour hand that implies the target is a woman’s heart, as well as a heart motif that only appears in the illumination from the EL backlight at the 9:00 o’clock position.

The matching pink of the LOV-10B pair expresses the passionate romance lovers share. Boasting a white-on-black LCD readout and the brand name engraved in black on the bezel, these models convey a bold look. For this year’s G Presents Lover’s Collection, the year “2010” and an illustration of good and mischievous cupids have been engraved on the back of both watches in both the LOV-10A and LOV-10B pairs. Since Casio released the first collection in 1996, these romantic watches have become a popular gift choice for people in love.