Casio Baby-G watches for women graphically displays tide levels for a specific date and time

casio_blx-100.jpgCasio today announced the release of new Baby-G shock-resistant watches for women—five BLX-100 models in Casio’s G-Lide lineup, which is optimally designed for use in extreme sports. These five new Casio models are equipped with a tide graph function, which graphically displays tide levels for a specific date and time. The Casio BLX-100 models are not only highly practical for water sports; their design also features reference to the ocean on every part of the watch. A wave with ocean spray is depicted inside the tide graph display. Parts of the face use a metal material to radiate like the glittering reflection of sunlight on seawater. With these features, in addition to 200-meter water resistance, the BLX-100 models are perfect for women who enjoy the thrills of surfing and bodyboarding.

Four models in the Casio BLX-100 series come in colors that represent the changes throughout a day at the beach: white suggests the beach sand in the morning; blue represents the color of a beautiful sea; red symbolizes the setting sun; and black and pink signify the dreamy light of dusk. In addition, Casio is offering a special edition model finished in a striking combination of Rasta red, green and yellow.