Casio Baby-G watches for women offers five different digital display styles

Casio announced today the release of five new additions to its family of cute, shock-resistant Baby-G watches for women. The new watches offer a dazzling, attractive design with gem-like glitter set into the watch face. Casio Baby-G digital watches, in the BGD-102 and BGD-103 series, are a treat for fashion-conscious women who enjoy cute, sparkling accessories. The watches boast a wide bangle-like watchband, and a slim round case with a gleaming finish. The dazzling design combines gem-like glitter in a circle on the edge of the watch face, a silver metallic bezel, and candy-like body colors. Once again, Casio has crafted a great new watch ready to be worn as a fun and fashionable accessory.

The new Baby-G watches come in five different colors: black, pink, white, green, and orange. The LCDs are also distinctively colored. Owners can choose from five different digital display styles, or even set their watch to automatically alternate between these styles. In automatic, a secret style may appear. The time display moves when the watch is angled toward the face for viewing, or an animated dancer appears on the screen.

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