Casio G-Shock Gravity Defier watches features a cockpit gauge design

The new three Casio G-Shock Gravity Defier watches based on an aviator concept offer performance that can withstand strong centrifugal gravitational force. These G-Shock models are resistant to centrifugal gravitational force to a level that greatly exceeds that required for flight data recorders and cockpit voice recorders (up to 15 Gs) using the steady-state acceleration test stipulated by the ISO 2669 Environmental Tests for Aircraft Equipment. The watch face of the new models features a cockpit gauge design. The new watches boast a urethane bezel on the top-most surface, in order to protect the gauges or the canopy inside the cockpit from damage caused by accidentally bumping the watch.

The large buttons offer better operability, while button guards prevent operation errors or damage. The new watches also feature Tough Movement, which is the key component in Casio’s radio-controlled watch technology, further enhancing reliability. The new Casio models have the detailed specifications that pilots are looking for, including construction, design, and function.