Casio launches New Shock-Resistant G-SHOCK Watch GD-200 with Fiberglass-Insert Wristband

Casio announced today the release of a tough new model in its G-SHOCK lineup of shock-resistant watches. The new GD-200 features a resin wristband with a fiberglass insert for even greater durability. The wristband of the new GD-200 offers increased durability. This was achieved by inserting a woven sheet of fiberglass, the material used in surfboards and skateboards, when molding the resin wristband. With a strap-keeper loop made of nylon for superior strength, this new G-SHOCK watch offers the total toughness the brand is known for.

High-brightness LEDs have been used for the display backlighting, providing greater illumination and better face readability in dark locations. The new watch is also equipped with a 1/100-second stopwatch that can keep up to 60 lap times in its memory.