Casio PX-830-World’s Slimmest Digital Piano with Brand-New Sophisticated Design

The new Casio PX-830 offers the playability and sound quality of a grand piano in a slim, stylish body with a front-to-back depth of only 275 mm. The PX-830 boasts slim dimensions with a depth from front to back of only 275 mm, thanks to a simple construction with a minimum number of parts. With a beautiful one-piece rotating keyboard cover and other intelligent design features, the PX-830 embodies the traditional beauty of a piano in an elegant, linear form befitting the finest model in the Privia line. The keys feature a matte white ivory finish that offers a comfortable surface for fingertips. The PX-830 keyboard uses three-sensors to detect key strokes. When a key is not fully released and then pressed again, the new piano will continue to play the same note, recreating the action of a grand piano.

There are no springs in the keyboard—the keys move completely under their own hammer weight. Lower notes play relatively heavier than higher notes, with a realistic key touch.The Casio PX-830 features newly developed sound source and keyboard technologies that enable it to naturally express the full spectrum of rich grand piano tones from pianissimo to fortissimo.The PX-830 is available in a chic black wood finish or an elegant black polished finish.