Casio unveils new Edifice Black Label collection-EQW-A1000DC-1A

As the newest addition to Casio’s EDIFICE Black Label collection, the EQW-A1000DC-1A provides men with a dynamic design and advanced capabilities, fit for any professional and personal lifestyle. The Casio EQW-A1000DC-1A possesses a dual-layer chronograph that reaches new evolutionary heights with the addition of Casio’s Smart Access feature. Casio’s Smart Access permits easier, more sensitive operation of multiple functions by combining independent hand movement, made possible by the new 5-motor layout, with electronic crown-controlled switching. Designed in the signature racecar motif, the EQW-A1000DC-1A has a 3D face with purple and white accents and is outfitted with solar atomic timekeeping.

On the face, a large disk indicator installed in the cut-out between the upper and lower dials rotates to allow quick confirmation of the current mode. Made from a solid stainless steel black IP case and highlighted by an anodized aluminum bezel, the EQW-A1000DC-1A exudes a striking, sophisticated look suitable for the boardroom, boardwalk or anywhere in between.