Casio XD-ST6200

The XD-ST6200 from Casio computer Japan is an electronic dictionary with a text-to-speech function for six languages- English, German, French, Chinese, Italian and Spanish. The dictionary will help to solve language problem in these countries. Specified words and example sentences can be read out from the dictionary’s foreign language content. In addition, Casio’s “True Voice” speech technology is used to produce native pronunciation for the Genius English-Japanese dictionary (14,000 main words) and the English Conversation dictionary (3,3000 example sentences).The XD-ST6200 comes with a 5” (480×320) monochrome backlit LCD, 20MB Internal memory, SD card slot, USB, Earphone terminal and built in speaker. The dictionary is powered by 2 AAA alkaline batteries which provide approximately 60 hours of continuous usage under normal conditions.

The diary comes installed with100 different dictionaries like- the Kojien, Zenyaku Kogo Jiten, Kanjigen, Genius English-Japanese/Japanese-English dictionary, Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, Katakana-Indexed Spelling dictionary, travel conversation references, MyPedia encyclopedic dictionary, medical dictionaries and the Nikkei personal computer dictionary. The diary will be available in 3 colors- Champagne Gold, Black and Red. The electronic dictionary measures 144.5×99×14.7mm (when folded) and weighs approximately 250g (with battery).The dictionary will be available from February 17th for approximately 47,250 Yen. ($ 385)
Via – TechJapan