Century direct CY-997 Enjoy Wii Without TV

Now you can enjoy your Wii without a TV. This Japanese converter box CY-997 with 7” LCD monitor allows you to enjoy your Wii at your will. The box comes with built in sensor bar and so there is no need to carry your Wii sensor bar. The Wii is easily installed on the converter box and power is supplied simultaneously from the Wii AC adapter to the monitor,to the LCD and to the built in stereo speakers. Like a note book the Wii converter box with the gaming consol can be folded and carried easily.

To enjoy your Wii anywhere with converter box CY-997-all you need is an electric out let. The 7’ monitor with 112,320 pixels allows playing games with good clarity and depth. Wii converter box CY-997 from Century-direct measures 215mm x 170mm x 70mm, weighs 880g and is available in Japan for approximately 14,800 Yen ($125).