Check your urine glucose level when eating out within six seconds!

Tanita Japan announced the World’s first portable urine glucose monitor UG-201 that indirectly checks blood glucose level, which is a diagnostic criterion for metabolic syndrome, by measuring urine glucose level. Tanita UG-201 allows easy measurement simply by urinating on the sensor. In addition, the portable urine glucose monitor allows users to check their urine glucose level when eating out. Although theTanita UG-201 is unable to measure the blood sugar level itself, it contributes to the prevention of metabolic syndrome and diabetes by measuring the urine sugar level, which is closely correlated with the blood sugar level.
The UG-201 employs a biosensor based on the enzyme electrode method. It can be carried around with the sensor unit immersed in the preservation solution contained in a cap. The cap is removed before use, and urine is directly poured on the sensor unit. The cap is placed in the hole formed in the main unit cover so that the solution will not spill out of the cap. The measurement completes in about six seconds.

Tanita UG-201 is powered by one CR2032 lithium watch battery and can be operated for about 180 days when the measurement is conducted three times a day. The main unit measures 68 x 118 x 22mm and weighs about 80g without the battery.The Tanita UG-201 will go on sale in Japan June 20, 2008 with an expected market price for the starter set including the main unit, sensor cartridge; etc is about ¥16,000 ($153). The sensor portion needs to be changed every two months, with replacement sensors expected to sell for about 6,000 yen ($57) apiece.