Compact Panasonic 2ch active speaker system

The compact Panasonic RP-SPF01 is a 2ch active speaker system plays realistic sound even at a minimum volume. The stylish speakers go well with the decor. With out any joints, the seamless body of the speaker made of 6mm aluminum looks very robust and clean. Deterioration of the speakers is very minimal assuring long life. By using aluminum you get good treble quality with minimum resonance. The active speaker system with built in 5W×2ch out put amplifier, 30mm diameter titanium diaphragm speakers all adds for good music with minimum of distortion.

The Panasonic RP-SPF01 2ch active speaker system measures 160×62×96mm, weighs 700g(left), 600g(right). The silver colored speaker system will be available from April 20th for approximately 30000 Yen ($255).