Cumulative Worldwide Sales of Honda Fit/Jazz Reach 2 Million Units

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced that worldwide cumulative sales of Fit /Jazz automobile reached 2 million units at the end of June 2007. Fit is the vehicle name used in Japan, North America, South America and China and Jazz used in Europe and Asia/Oceania. Since its release in June 2001 in Japan, Fit/Jazz has won fans everywhere for its efficient packaging, superior fuel efficiency, and advanced styling, and in 2002 became Japan’s best-selling car. Although into its seventh year, the current generation Fit manages to maintain its position as one of the top selling vehicles in Japan.

Released in Europe in December 2001, Fit/Jazz is now available in 115 countries, manufactured at 6 facilities in 5 different countries and delivered to some 400,000 customers annually.