Delphi Content Onboard New Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Delphi Corp will provide the complete E/E distribution systems, the satellite radio and DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) receiver, integrated antenna, passive-occupant detection system, security sensor and electrical/electronic distribution systems for the recently introduced Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and the injection system for the Diesel Common Rail in the 220 CDI model. Delphi’s Fuba subsidiary delivers an integrated antenna systems for the reception of AM/FM radio, DAB radio, Keyless-go and central lock.
. Mercedes C-Class vehicles bound for Japan ordered with a TV system are equipped with Delphi Fuba’s TV antenna system. The integrated antenna technology provides advanced reception performance and the possibility of invisible integration into the vehicle design.

Delphi’s content theft detection system used on the Mercedes C-Class is the market leading product and provides security by using ultrasonic sensors to detect movement within the passenger compartment and inclination sensors to trigger the alarm in case of wheel or towing thefts.