Dentsu Postman mail delivery service is now available in English

Dentsu announced today that its new Postman mail delivery service developed in collaboration with
Japan Post Service is now available in English on the Facebook Page. The Japanese version was launched on November 25). The Facebook Page was developed using the technical support provided by Facebook under the terms of the business alliance between Dentsu and Facebook announced in February of this year. Postman allows people to send various greeting cards via the Facebook social networking service to friends and acquaintances around the world whose postal addresses are not known.

Dentsu plans to expand this service in the near future to encompass Twitter and other social networking services. Smartphone (both Android and iPhone) applications will also be available to provide impetus and promote utilization of the service. Dentsu also plans to introduce a new gift delivery service next spring that utilizes Facebook and other SNS, providing a new advertising and promotional initiative that integrates the digital and logistics domains. The page will always be displayed in English unless Japanese has been selected as the display language. Dentsu is one of the largest advertising agencies in the world. Its headquarters are located in the Dentsu Building in the Shiodome district of Minato, Tokyo.