Dongbu Electronics to supply LCD Driver IC Chips to Silicon Works

Dongbu Electronics Korea announced that it has signed an agreement with Silicon Works Co. Ltd., a specialist in designing Display Driver IC (DDI) chip solutions, to supply LCD Driver IC chips (LDIs) foundry wafers for use in large panels. Both companies have completed related procedures including process technology transfer and prototype production since the second half of last year, and have signed an agreement to increase the supply volume after starting the supply of 6,000 to 7,000 units per month in 8-inch wafer equivalents. The LDI chips are destined for use in state-of-the-art display products such as 17-inch and 19-inch LCD monitors, LCD wide monitors and notebooks from LG.Philips LCD, leading to supply stabilization in the future.

Founded in 1997 in Korea, Dongbu Electronics Co., Ltd. began full-scale operation as a pure-play foundry for non-memory semiconductor devices in April 2001. During its start-up phase, Dongbu Electronics expanded its relationship with Toshiba Semiconductor, an investor and strategic partner.Toshiba provided access to process technologies and design IP and became one of Dongbu’s early foundry customers. Dongbu Electronics today as one the world’s largest pure-play wafer foundries with two world class wafer fabrication facilities situated within Korea’s well established semiconductor manufacturing infrastructure.