Dopod P800W PDA Phone

dopod1.jpgThe Dopod P800W brings cutting edge technology into the hands of users. The Dopod P800W is 1.68cm thick, with a 2.8-inch 240×320 QVGA, 65K TFT LCD display. It features a built-in SiRF Star III receiver, FM radio (87.5MHz~108.5MHz), 2 megapixel camera with macro-lens, flash and mirror and a simulated human-voice dictionary. Supporting the latest WiFi 802.11g network, the P800W can surf the Internet or download emails at speeds up to 54Mbps.

The Dopod 838Pro measures 108 mm x 58 mm x 16.8mm and is the mobile for the modern executive.
Via dopod (Taiwan)