Eco-Products 2008: The largest and the greenest exhibition in Japan

Japan is gearing up for a green exhibition, the tenth Eco-Products 2008 scheduled from 11th-13th December. Touted to be one of the largest green events in Japan, this green fair will house all kind of eco products as well as services at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center. It is an ideal platform to showcase the green business ideas and lifestyles concepts. This year’s exhibition is based on the theme of “We Can Do it! Eco-Lifestyle with a 50% CO2 Reduction.” Now that sounds very motivating…..if only all of us can actually modify our habits and lifestyle to bring about this green change. This eco-exhibition aims to accelerate the expansion of green markets by exhibiting environmentally friendly products and services.

Spread over three days, this event is open for all and is expected to draw on more than 750 companies / organizations and more than 170,000 visitors. So if you are not tied up with any commitments then grab the next flight to the land of rising sun to catch a glimpse of green Japan.
Via – Greenlaunches