EIZO announces 17″ LCD Monitor for Security and Surveillance

Eizo Nanao today announced the release of the DuraVision FDS1703, a 17-inch monitor designed for security and surveillance. The Eizo FDS1703 combines superb image quality with long-term reliability. It comes equipped with an energy-saving LED backlight that consumes less power than CCFL backlights and is mercury-free. The monitor offers a 1280 x 1024 native resolution and can be viewed from a variety of positions with 160° horizontal and vertical viewing angles. The maximum brightness and contrast ratio are 350 cd/m2 and 800:1 respectively.

The DuraVision FDS1703 comes with an analog D-Sub 15 pin input for connection to a computer and a composite (BNC) input for connection to video surveillance equipment such as closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) and security cameras. The composite input supports NTSC, PAL, and SECAM signals. Both underscan and overscan display settings are included in the monitor. Underscan shows 100% of an image and is ideal for video. Overscan displays about 95% of an image, which eliminates extraneous TV broadcasting data that sometimes appears at the edges of the screen. The stand has a 100 mm height adjustment range, 30° tilt, 70° swivel, and 90° pivot capability.

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