EIZO announces RadiForce EX270W Full HD monitor for operating rooms with an innovative modular design

The Full HD Eizo RadiForce EX270W, 27-inch monitor for operating rooms is the latest addition to EIZO’s line of OR solutions, which includes video management solutions for integrating a wide range of imaging inputs and transmission technology for getting the images to wherever they are needed. From its inception, the RadiForce EX270W was designed as a modular monitor to support targeted connectivity and the ability to evolve to changing technology demands. Outfitting the monitor with input modules tailored to the individual application not only optimizes material costs, it reduces cable clutter and the overall physical footprint, simplifies system design and makes maintenance more manageable, even in the most complex systems.

product_photo_01The RadiForce EX270W boasts a slim design and low weight, saving precious space in the OR or on a mobile medical equipment tower. The frame cover secures the non-reflective safety glass, while the rounded edges support physical safety and allow adjacent mounting while minimizing light ingress from behind. In the course of development, EIZO worked with Germany’s renowned Fraunhofer Institute to test and validate multiple configurations of the sleek, fully-encapsulated housing up to an IP65 protection rating in accordance with EN 60529.

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