Ektachrome is back

To the delight of film enthusiasts across the globe, Eastman Kodak today announced plans to bring back one of its most iconic film stocks. Over the next 12 months, Kodak will be working to reformulate and manufacture Kodak Ektachrome Film for both motion picture and still photography applications. Initial availability is expected in the fourth quarter of 2017. Kodak Professional Ektachrome Film is a color positive film, also known as “reversal,” “slide,” or “transparency” film. Unlike all of the other Kodak Professional Films available today, which are color negative films, Ektachrome generates a positive image that can be viewed or projected once it is exposed and processed.

This makes it ideal for high-resolution projection or presentations. It is also well suited for scanning and printing onto a range of professional-grade photographic media. Kodak Ektachrome Film has a distinctive look that was the choice for generations of cinematographers before it was discontinued in 2012. The film is known for its extremely fine grain, clean colors, great tones and contrasts. Kodak will produce Ektachrome at its film factory in Rochester, N.Y., and will market and distribute the Super 8 motion picture film version of Ektachrome Film directly.

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