Elecon announces one cup rice cooker using IH technology

Elecom today announced a pot-shaped rice cooker that can cook one cup of rice at a time. The rice cooker will be launched in Japan in early June for approximately 12,800 yen($95). This new product from Elecom’s cooking appliances brand LiFERE is a slim size rice cooker that occupies very small place in kitchen. The rice cooker cooks rice evenly using IH technology.

It is proposed not only for single-person households but also as a second rice cooker for other households due to its ease of use on small tables or desks. The control panel has a handle shape that makes it easy to lift, making it easy to move and store. It is an instant rice cooker which is very easy to use at any time. The dedicated clad thick pot that supports IH heating has a four-layer structure of fluororesin coating, high thermal conductivity aluminum, stainless steel, and heat-resistant paint.

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IH technology allows for rapid temperature rise and easy maintenance of a stable boiling state, bringing out the original sweetness of the rice. The IH part is developed based on the switching power supply technology used in AC adapters and other peripherals, utilizing Elecom’s expertise as a peripheral equipment manufacturer for personal computers. The inner pot is a dedicated one-cup size suitable for one to two servings, and it suppresses uneven heating compared to a larger pot, allowing you to fully enjoy the original flavor of the rice.

In addition to the normal rice cooking mode, it has four types of modes: low-carbohydrate, quick cooking, and keeping warm. The quick cooking time is about 35 minutes. After cooking, it automatically switches to the keep-warm mode and can keep warm for 12 hours. The low-carbohydrate mode cuts carbohydrates by using the included strainer pot to rinse the rice. According to data based on measurements by the Japan Food Analysis Center, Elecon was able to reduce carbohydrate intake by 20% compared to rice cooked in the normal rice cooking mode.

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The main body size is 165×126×237mm (width x depth x height). It comes in three colors: white, black, and blue. The power consumption is about 400W. The lid is removable and can be washed. It comes with a measuring cup and a special rice scoop that makes it easy to serve rice from the slim pot