Electronic papers to replace Traditional papers very soon

Epson unveiled a 13.4-inch (A4-size) electronic paper at SID 2008, in Los Angeles, the US. Its pixel count is 3104 × 4128 and definition is as high as 385ppi. Before this the company’s largest electronic paper was a 7.1-inch type. The new electronic paper was developed by combining electrophoretic electronic ink of E Ink Corp and a low-temperature polycrystal Si-TFT of Seiko Epson. The TFT was formed on a glass substrate. Its contrast ratio is 10:1 and reflectance is 40%. With this prototype, Seiko Epson considers that the company entered the final stage of replacing traditional papers with electronic papers.

Epson plans to conduct a market research, aiming at commercializing the new electronic paper and is also considering selling electronic papers in the future.