Enjoy Next Generation Shopping with NEC TWINPOS 5000 Series

The three new NEC TWINPOS 5000 models distinguish themselves through an innovative combination of form and function that are represented by the superior design of the “TWINPOS5500Ui,” the small merchant entry model, “TWINPOS 5100Mi,” and the self POS model for electronic money settlement, “TWINPOS 5500Si.” Each of the models meets retail store demand for attractive next generation electronic money solutions that provide customers with instant access to cashless settlement options. The NEC TWINPOS 5000 series was strategically designed to promote the global expansion of transaction solutions through growing markets that include North America, China, Southeast Asia and others.

NEC’s latest POS series meets the growing mutual needs of both retailers and consumers alike. NEC is aiming to capitalize on its latest POS (Point Of Sale) series, and the growing global need for transaction solutions, to sell as many as 250,000 POS units over the next 3 years.