Epson announces two new models of low phase noise, low jitter SAW oscillators

The newly developed Epson Toyocom oscillators are the single-output EG-9000GC and the voltage-controlled EV-9000GB. The low phase noise, low jitter and excellent frequency-temperature coefficient characteristics of these oscillators are achieved by the built-in NS-34R crystal oscillating element. The NS-34R boasts a high Q value, low insertion loss, high power durability, and an outstanding frequency-temperature coefficient, in addition to Epson Toyocom’s unique high-frequency circuit technology.

The Epson Toyocom EG9000GC and EV-9000GB will help provide performance gains in applications that require high frequencies and a highly stable clock (one with low phase noise, low jitter, and an excellent frequency-temperature coefficient). Communications and measurement applications will be particular beneficiaries. Commercial development is scheduled for the first half of fiscal 2009.