Epson develops World’s Smallest Low-Current Real-Time Clock Modules

Epson Toyocom, has developed the world’s smallest real-time clock modules. The maximum dimensions of the new RTC modules, known as the RX-4571BD and RX-8571BD, are just 3.4 mm x 1.7 mm x 1.0t mm.
With a crystal unit built into an ultra-compact package along with clock and calendar circuitry that operates at low voltage, the modules provide and manage the clock and calendar data for electronic devices at low power. In Standby, the RX-4571BD consumes 0.32 µA of current, while the RX-8571BD consumes just 0.22 µA (at 3 V, respectively).

The Epson RX-4571BD and RX-8571BD will help customers add value to their systems by allowing them to use space more efficiently in feature-rich electronic equipment and by helping them extend the time their equipment can run on a battery or charge.