Epson G Series SCARA Robots

epson%20robot.jpgEpson today launched the New High-Speed, High-Precision G Series SCARA Robots with top-class motion capabilities to respond to a broad range of equipment specifications. The robots in this series have greatly increased their speed over current models, and are able to carry out high-speed operation, move short distances as well as long distances, and transport light loads as well as heavy loads in every type of condition. The Epson G Series employs Epson’s original smart motion control technology to achieve high-speed, ultra-high precision, and low-vibration that are in the top class of the industry. All robot arms are built to clean specifications, or IP54/65 specifications, which enable them to be used in environments having water or oil.

The 168 models of robots can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and can be used by customers in a very wide range of applications. By incorporating the RC170 controller, even first-time users can easily manufacture compact robot equipment that offers outstanding cost performance.