Epson IP-2000 semiconductor marking system enables clear high-speed printing while protecting semiconductors

Seiko Epson today announced it would on October 1 begin sales of the IP-2000, a semiconductor marking system that utilizes the inkjet method to print identification data, such as the manufacturer’s name or a production number, on the surface of a semiconductor package. Making use of Epson’s proprietary Micro Piezo technology, the IP-2000 prints directly onto semiconductor packages by applying high-visibility white UV (ultraviolet) cured ink, also developed by Epson. As this method does not require engraving on the package, there is no danger of cutting into the IC chip inside the semiconductor package. In addition, the new system does not require the printing plates required with the conventional pad method, meaning that the IP-2000 can easily be utilized in small lot manufacturing for a wide variety of products.

The Epson IP-2000 strengthens the adhesion between the ink and the package surface by performing a cleaning action prior to applying the ink. Ultraviolet irradiation is undertaken simultaneously with printing with the purpose of solidifying the ink. In this way, the IP-2000 provides an integrated semiconductor package marking process, enabling customers to seamlessly introduce it into their operations. A key merit of this system lies in its ability to print more speedily and clearly than the conventional method of engraving by means of laser cutting, while protecting the IC chip inside the semiconductor package.