Epson printers:- the PictureMate PM 240 and PM 280

The new Epson portable printers:- the PictureMate PM 240 and PM 280 are identical in all aspects except PM 280 has an additional CD drive that allows for transfer of images from memory card to CD or direct printing from a CD. The new printers incorporate the PhotoEnhance technology. The PhotoEnhance technology detects the type of scene you’re printing and then optimizes the image accordingly. For example, if you’re printing a portrait, the printers will adjust the skin tones and brightness.

In addition to the memory card slot, USB×2 (PC connection /PictBridge and USB DIRECT-PRINT), you have a 2.5” Color screen also. The Epson Picture Mate PM 240 will cost approximately $255 and PM 280 $380.Both printers will be available from October.