Epson RX-5412SF Real-Time Clock Module with Time-Stamp Function

Epson RX-5412SF is a real-time clock module equipped with a time-stamp function for recording and storing the times and dates of abnormal events such as system errors and warning signals. The time-stamp function built into the Epson RX-5412SF detects and records signals generated when an error or emergency event occurs. Time-stamping improves system reliability and can be applied in a wide range of fields, from quality control to security. The Epson RX-5412SF has four input pins and can record the date and time along with identifying information for each pin.

Epson RX-5412SF is also loaded with a host of other features, including general-purpose memory, a 256-byte SRAM chip that can be used as a time-stamp memory, a watchdog timer, a general-purpose timer and power switching. In addition to giving customers added freedom in the use of CPU resources and reducing time and effort spent in software development, the Epson RX-5412SF will help save costs and improve system reliability. Commercial development is scheduled for fiscal 2008, ending March 31, 2009