Epson S1D13513 Multipurpose XGA Resolution LCD Controller

070423.jpgEpson announced that it has developed an LCD controller that can drive high-resolution panels up to XGA level. The new Epson S1D13513 controller enables external connection of up to 64 MB of SDRAM to run features such as 16 sprite functions and simultaneous display on three screens. This reduces load on the main CPU and achieves outstanding display quality. Versatility was a key consideration in developing the controller, which has a wide array of CPU interface modes, running connection verifications for more than 10 types of CPU. The S1D13513 also features a camera input port, enabling YUV signal output (2 x 8 bit or 1 x 16 bit) from a camera to be imported and displayed on screen. The controller is suitable for a wide range of applications including on-board automotive devices, factory automation and office equipment.

Epson S1D13513 Multipurpose XGA Resolution LCD Controller supports drivers for use with the Microsoft Windows(R) CE operating system. Volume shipments of the S1D13513 are expected to start in August 2007. The controller will be shipped in PBGA and QFP package versions.