Epson S1F78B17 CMOS Regulator IC

Epson Corp has succeeded in developing the S1F78B17 positive voltage CMOS regulator IC, which boasts the smallest WCSP 4-pin package size in the world (0.92 mm x 0.92 mm) and low current consumption of only 30 µA. The Epson S1F78B17 model comes equipped with features such as standard voltage supply, output voltage setting resistance, over current protector, output voltage drop compensator, phase compensator, chip enable buffer, and pulse response function. When installed in devices, this product makes it possible to provide functions such as low output noise, fast transient response, and high load stabilization at a high degree of precision.

Epson will also offer a compact SOT-23 5-pin package which will be ideal for use in cellular phones, battery-powered devices, and other devices that require high-density packaging. Epson plans to release samples of S1F78B17 positive voltage CMOS regulator IC in August 2007 and launch volume shipments in November 2007.