Epson S1F87110 automatic luminance controller

Epson has developed the S1F87110, a new automatic luminance controller IC that makes it possible to automatically control backlight luminance in real time. The Epson S1F87110 IC is installed with Epson’s original luminance control data, making it possible to achieve real-time automatic luminance control according to ambient brightness by simply connecting an external ambient light sensor. This product allows users to utilize the PWM-controlled automatic luminance control function just by hooking it up to their existing LED drivers. Use of this automatic luminance control function reduces LED current consumption by 20-30% while simultaneously improving the picture quality of the display.

Epson S1F87110 comes equipped with I2C interface which allows users to set their own customized luminance control specifications in order to achieve automatic luminance control that is appropriate for any kind of display. Shipments of samples of this product will commence in July 2007. Volume shipments are scheduled to begin in October 2007.