Epson S7R77024 high Performance 3-Channel 16-Bit Analog Front End IC

Epson S7R77024 is a new 3-channel, 16-bit analog front end (AFE) capable of speeds of up to 75 mega-samples per second, and higher copying speeds for MFPs (multi-functional peripherals) in the SOHO (small office home office) environment. The Epson S7R77024 incorporates a high-performance timing generator capable of controlling various types of CCD (charge-coupled device) and CIS (conductor image sensor), and an LVDS (low-voltage differential signalling) output function for image data output. Furthermore, Epson’s own built-in automatic offset and gain adjustment function enables ideal values to be easily set for input to each of the three channels independently.

Although the Epson S7R77024 is a 3-channel product, it can be used with one or two channels, making it suited to a wide variety of equipment, ranging from monochrome copying machines to color copying machines. For these applications, the sampling rate (A/D converter rate) is 25 Msps for one channel; 50 Msps for two channels; and 75 MSPS for three channels. Volume production of this new product is expected to commence at the end of March 2008, with a projected output of more than 50,000 units per month.