Epson Toyocom Develops World’s Smallest Tuning-Fork Crystal Unit

Epson Toyocom Corporation has announced the successful development of the world’s smallest tuning-fork crystal unit, FC-12M. The FC-12M is an ultra-compact SMD-type tuning-fork crystal unit, which will contribute to further miniaturization of mobile products. The FC-12M incorporates QMEMS and high-precision mounting technologies to achieve the ultra-compact dimensions 2.0 x 1.2 x 0.6 mm Max, about half the footprint of its predecessor—while maintaining the same performance as the previous model. This new product contributes to further enhancement of mobile products by offering higher-density integration, improved design flexibility, a smaller size, and more advanced functionality.

Epson Toyocom also plans to offer ultra-compact low-/medium-frequency oscillators and real-time clock modules incorporating the FC-12M, as a response to expected growth in demands for further miniaturization and higher-density mounting in the field of mobile products.