Epson Toyocom high-resolution sensor accurately detects height changes in 3-cm increments by sensing changes in pressure

Epson Toyocom has developed an extremely small absolute pressure sensor (XP-6000CA) that provides excellent accuracy and resolution. In addition to offering high accuracy and high resolution, the Epson XP-6000CA sensor provides stable output even under varying external temperatures and environmental conditions because the sensor element is made of highly stable quartz crystal. The new sensor’s pressure measurements are resistant to the effects of noise because it uses frequency counting, a principle based on crystal measurement technology, to measure pressure.

The Epson XP-6000CA employs an innovative new QMEMS pressure-sensing structure that allows the sensor to squeeze into a tiny 7.0 × 5.0 × 2.0t mm package yet still provides excellent total pressure accuracy (±30 Pa) and high resolution (0.3 Pa). The new sensor can also help make industrial pressure measurement equipment smaller and more space efficient. Samples+-+ of the new sensor (XP-6000CA) will become available in October 2010.