Epson Toyocom RX-8731LC ultra-compact real-time clock module

Epson Toyocom Corporation today announced plans to launch volume production of a new, ultra-compact real-time clock module. The RX-8731LC, engineered for use in devices such as portable media players, has a built-in ID-ROM for effective digital rights management. In addition to basic calendar and timer functions, the RX-8731LC package integrates peripheral circuitry that supports ID-ROM, E2PROM, general-purpose I/O ports (GPIOs) and a multitude of other functions for digital players.Epson Toyocom RX-8731LC module ships with unique ID information written to the 48-bit internal ID-ROM at the factory.

The ID information can be used as a unique identifier for a specific device in DRM schemes, which encourage licensed distribution of digital contents and prevent their unauthorized copying and distribution. The RX-8731LC thus facilitates the embedding of ID information in digital players. The ultra-compact package, which measures a mere 3.6 × 2.8 × 1.2t mm, answers the need for smaller devices and will be available from June 2007.