Even after 49 years radio-enthusiasts are still buying and selling 11 kilogram Panasonic RF-3000 suitcase radios

Today when you want to walk around listening to music, you slip a player that weighs about 85 grams into your pocket, pop in your earbuds and head off into the world (finger-snapping optional). In 1965, if you had a yen for some music on the go, you hefted the 11 kilogram Panasonic RF-3000 suitcase radio and prepared yourself for aching shoulders later in the day. You what else you prepared yourself for? Absolutely awesome sound. From all accounts the RF-3000 offered crystal-clear clarity and was such a dream to tune stations that it puts modern radios to shame.

Panasonic_rf3000A_radioIf you need any more proof of the RF-3000’s superior qualities, it’s that even after 49 years radio-enthusiasts are still buying and selling this baby, and gloating that they are in perfect working order, outshining radios available from modern product lines. And hey, carry this thing around for a few hours a day and you’ll be able to cancel that gym membership.
via Panasonic Australia:
The Panasonic RF-3000A solid-state radio receives the long wave, AM, FM and 3 shortwave bands. Long wave is 100-400 kHz, AM band is 520 to 1610 kHz. FM is from 87-108 MHz. Shortwave coverage is: 1.6-4.5, 4.5-12 and 12-22 MHz. This radio features separate bass and treble controls that are affixed to pointers underneath the main tuning dials. There is also an electrical fine tuning knob. Bands are selected by a knob on the right side of the radio. The dial pointer moves from band to band. There is a tuning meter. The top of the radio features a momentary contact lamp switch and AFC On/Off switch. The back panel has an AC/DC switch plus numerous I/O jacks for: Record Out, Phone Input, MPX Output, Stereo Input and Earphone (mini jack). There are also external antenna jacks. This radio has a telescopic whip and a fold-down loop antenna. A full sound is delivered via the 5 and 4 inch speaker system. Operation is from 117 VAC or six D cells.
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