Evergreen portable USB record player with built in speaker

Evergreen portable USB record player
Experience the nostalgic sound of vinyl with the Evergreen portable USB record player-DN-84537. This fully automatic belt-driven turntable supports 33-1/3 and 45 rpm record playback speeds and features a USB output for listening your favorite records’ tracks on a laptop or PC. A fundamental advantage of this turntable when compared to other turntables available at this price range is the integrated speaker system. This makes Evergreen DN-84537 to work effectively as a mini stereo system. You can record the music on the PC with the supplied Audacity software. For playing 45 rpm records, use the included adaptor.

Evergreen portable USB record player-PC
You can use USB bus power or 4xAA batteries for power. The record player supports Windows XP/Vista/7. Evergreen USB portable record player-DN-84537 measures 275 × 105 × 80mm (width × height depth ×) and weigh approximately 600g. The player is available in Japan for approximately 3,999 yen ($42).
Evergreen portable USB record player-DN-84537_open

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