Fast Corporation X200 PCI TV Tuner Card

Fast Corporation X200 (Compro technology Taiwan make) is the most cost/performance tuner card with low-profile card design, new-generation silicon tuner and Conexant CX2388X 10-bits ADC, FM radio listening, MP3 recording, and superior video quality. The X200 turns your computer into a home entertainment center by bringing TV viewing and personal digital video recording (PVR) capabilities to your PC.Fast Corporation X200 is equipped with new generation and high-quality silicon tuner for crystal clear TV reception. The PCI TV tuner card X200 provides the special feature to customize the Brightness, Hue, Saturation, Contrast, and Sharpness in each TV channel, let you enjoy the best video quality in anytime.

For the best usability, X200 is also accompanied by the latest PVR 2 software to provide additional useful features, ComproDVD 2 for CD/DVD playback, ComproFM 2 for FM radio listening and MP3 recording. The Fast Corporation X200 (Compro technology Taiwan make) is available for approximately 4,980 Yen ($42).
Via Fastcorp (Japanese)